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About Us

About Us

OXYPC is a company dealing with refurbished computers and computer accessories, and is known for its high quality products and excellent service. At OXYPC, we understand that PCs and Laptops users include almost anyone and everyone in all homes and offices and they are looking for purchasing or upgrading at reasonable prices.

We ensure that you find the right choice of product for your requirements and get a great value for your money. We offer a wide range of products to choose from, and keeping in mind the expanding market, keep adding to the list regularly.

One cannot imagine a world without computers and corresponding accessories anymore. The world has virtually become electronic. You use it during most of the day, be it at work; documentation, video conferencing, software, or while running day to day errands; phone recharge, bill payment et al. Computers have revolutionised the entire working of the planet and have now become an indispensable part of your lives.

At the same time, it is well known how excessive electronic wastage is detrimental to the environment. It is believed that about 50 million metric tonnes of electronic waste is disposed of each year, all over the world. This causes a severe environmental impact leading to health concerns among humans, and even death. Therefore, as humans, it is our responsibility to reuse and recycle electronic wastage as much as possible, to lessen the burden on Mother nature.

We understand exactly that and are driven by the zeal of striking a balance between usage, disposal and recycling of electronics. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we make sure that the refurbished products that we sell encompass all the options that a customer might want to consider before finalising the right product for himself or herself.


Being in the industry for over 8 years now, we have constantly improved upon our services and strive to get better each day. Since 2007, we have successfully catered to the needs of refurbished products in today’s industry.


We never compromise on customer happiness. Customers make us who we are, and with the help of that ideology, OXYPC has garnered over 2000 happy and loyal customers over the years. Try us, we would be worth your time and investment.


We believe in doing our bit for the environment. This is why we focus our energy on making refurbished products, to avoid excessive electronic wastage. Join us by participating in this noble cause.


All the products we sell go easy on your pocket. We ensure that they deliver a high standard performance, while being reasonably priced. We offer you value for your hard-earned money.

Why Us

OXYPC is committed to contributing to the environment by refurbishing old computers or electronic items, and at the same time providing you with outstanding services, and products that are as good as new, at great prices.

We Understand your requirements

Over time, we have become proficient at gauging what the customers exactly want. By understanding the trending customer requirements, we are able to decide on the list of products to be refurbished and sold. That way, customers can easily find something to suit their needs.